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About Our Firm

I began my career as a lawyer twenty years ago with a large, internationally-recognized law firm based in Dallas, Texas. Our clients were large companies with the resources to hire the finest courtroom attorneys in the country. We delivered. In 1998, I returned home to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to found Rhorer Law Firm and provide that same high quality trial advocacy to individuals, families, and small businesses.

The lawyers at Rhorer Walker Law Firm are civil trial lawyers. We represent individuals and their families who have been injured or wronged by the conduct of others. We handle serious personal injury cases resulting from car accidentstruck accidents, defective premises, unsafe products, and other accidents.  Our business litigation practice focuses on insurance bad faith, contract disputes, and legal malpractice cases.

We have earned a solid reputation among other lawyers as tenacious courtroom opponents, and with our clients as responsive, reliable, and resolute. –S. Bradley Rhorer

re-spon-sive • adjective • responding with initiative; replying quickly and appropriately

“We are often contacted by people who want to hire us because they are unhappy with their current lawyer. The complaint is almost always, ‘My lawyer never returns my telephone calls.’ That lawyer may otherwise be doing an outstanding job, but unless she keeps her clients informed, she is failing them.”

We at Rhorer Walker Law Firm are committed to keeping our clients informed of the status of their cases. We strive to be available to answer client questions and promptly return client telephone calls and respond to client emails. An informed client is a satisfied client, and a satisfied client will recommend their attorney to other persons with legal problems. Most of our clients are referrals from past, satisfied clients.

re-li-a-ble • adjective • trustworthy; steady; honest; dependable in judgment, character and performance

It is an honor and a privilege to represent a client in a court proceeding. Most of our clients have had very little interaction with the legal system and do not know what to expect. We encourage full and frank discussion about all legal options, the legal system, and expectations. Our clients know they can count on us for sound legal advice and prudent recommendations.

res-o-lute • adjective • determined; resolved; bold; firm; steady

We recognize that your legal dispute may well be the most important issue confronting you. Rhorer Walker Law Firm is committed to the zealous advocacy of our clients’ legal rights, within the confines of the rules applicable to our profession. We will strive to obtain the most favorable outcome possible for each client, and our case results reflect our diligence and determination.

We welcome any suggestions or comments you may have regarding Rhorer Walker Law Firm, or the legal profession in general.