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Industrial Accidents

If you work in an industrial setting, you probably work in an environment that is more dangerous than the average workplace. Industrial jobs may include working in facilities producing and handling oil, petrochemicals, plastic, paper products, concrete, rubber, and other natural resources and man-made products. When something goes wrong on the job, industrial workers may not have the luxury of walking away with a small scratch or bruise. Instead, they may face explosions, machinery malfunctioning, and exposure to hazardous substances. At Rhorer Walker Law Firm, we are committed to protect your rights and those of other workers in the field who suffer serious injuries.

Types of Industrial Accidents

Whether you fall down a flight of stairs at a dry dock because of an oil slick or lose a body part because heavy machinery malfunctions, we can help. Some of the most common causes of industrial accidents in the area include:

After one of these serious incidents, workers may experience serious burns, long-term health risks, chronic pain, broken bones, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Something as simple as an oily rag left on a machine can completely change the course of an industrial worker’s life.

What to Do After an Industrial Accident

All companies have protocols for handling and reporting accidents. If you are injured at an industrial facility, tell a manager or another authority figure about the incident. Your employer has a duty to provide you with access to medical care and the necessary documentation to file a workers’ compensation claim.

While you are at the scene of the incident, document as much as you can. Take pictures of the scene and your injuries with your phone, note any witnesses to the event, and write down what you remember as soon as possible. Always seek medical attention after any workplace incident to protect your right to collect workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation is designed to help injured workers pay for medical expenses and lost income, but it often fails to provide enough compensation for a full recovery. In some cases, an insurer may reject a valid claim or delay paying benefits, leaving a beneficiary struggling to make ends meet. Our firm will pursue insurance companies who fail to treat valid claims fairly.

Filing a Third Party Claim After an Industrial Accident

At Rhorer Walker Law Firm, we represent our clients in front of all potential defendants. In industrial accident cases, this may mean taking action against an employer, a workers’ compensation insurance company, or a third party. Third party claims often arise in cases where multiple companies work in one setting. Machinery maintenance and repair companies, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and subcontractors are all examples of third parties who may have played a role in your injury.

Experience Matters

After an industrial accident, you have an opportunity to secure compensation beyond what your workers’ compensation policy can provide. At Rhorer Walker Law Firm, our attorneys have the experience to help you take action against anyone who is responsible without the fear of reprisal. We have the resources you need to secure enough financial relief to cover the cost of current and future medical expenses, lost wages, and lost future income.

When you retain our firm for legal services, we will prepare your case as though we are headed to trial. We will conduct a thorough and independent investigation and review all of the facts of the case. Our firm has access to a network of experts who can confirm facts regarding industrial safety protocols, medical prognoses, and industrial standards. Contact our office for a free case evaluation today.