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Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are some of the most painful and difficult injuries to endure. Even a minor burn from a stovetop or curling iron can leave a lasting scar – however the types of burn injuries that lead to people filing a personal injury claim are exponentially worse. If a licensed caretaker forgets to put sunscreen on children playing outside for prolonged periods of time, a car accident victim experiences burns from a vehicle fire, or a defective product explodes and causes an injury or property damage, you likely have grounds for personal injury claim in the State of Louisiana.

At Rhorer Walker Law Firm, we know the devastating nature of burn injuries and that most are highly preventable. We will work tirelessly to secure fair compensation on your behalf to cover the costs of ongoing medical care, lost time at work, pain and suffering, and other losses you may face. Allow us to help you find closure after experiencing a physically and emotionally scarring experience with a serious burn incident.

Types of Burn Injuries

Medical professionals classify burns on a spectrum of four degrees. First degree burns typically heal on their own and only cause pain and redness at the site of the burn. For example, most sunburns are first degree burns. Second degree burns affect the top two layers of skin and take longer to heal. With burns like these, victims may experience blisters as well as pain and skin discoloration.

Third degree burns eat through the skin and into the musculoskeletal system. These serious burns often take several months to heal, require several surgeries, and leave permanent scarring on victims. Fourth degree burns are the most serious and often cause permanent damage.

In addition to burn severity, we look at the type of burn our clients experience. We have seen burn injuries including:

  • Heat burns
    These are typically caused by hot substances, including fire, hot pans, and scalding liquids.
  • Electrical burns
    Experiencing an electric shock often results in electrical burns that affect the body inside and out.
  • Chemical burns
    Chemical burns arise from substances that are classified as strong acids or bases. They directly damage the skin and can eat into tissues and kill or liquefy the cells of the body.
  • Friction burns
    After a motorcycle or vehicle accident, many victims experience friction burns otherwise known as “road rash.” These types of injuries usually include the elements of heat and abrasion to create a serious injury.

All serious burns, regardless of the cause, can result in life-altering consequences. Some people may permanently lose muscle mass, experience permanent disfiguration, and develop PTSD from the incident and the recovery period.

In addition to the initial injury, many victims who suffer from third and fourth degree burns experience secondary complications. When medical professionals fail to treat burns properly, victims may suffer from serious infections that can become life threatening. At Rhorer Walker Law Firm, a specialized burn injury lawyer represents our clients at every step of a case to ensure they have an opportunity to recover without complications or inadequate resources.

Experience Matters

Our injury attorneys have the experience and expertise to do everything we can to hold responsible parties accountable. Our firm handles all types of burn injury cases and pursues maximum compensation to cover our clients’ lost quality of life, financial obligations, and pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one experienced a preventable injury because of a defective fire alarm, careless fireworks handling, or another incident, remember our team at Rhorer Walker Law Firm. We are responsive, reliable, and resolute. Contact us today for a free case evaluation and to learn more about our approach to burn injury cases.