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Truck Accidents

With access to the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River, Louisiana is a major land transportation hub. In addition to a number of ships passing through, we see many large trucks traveling on the roadways. An increased number of trucks means our area is also at risk for more truck-related accidents. Therefore, it is crucial to speak with our team at Rhorer Walker Law Firm if you have been injured in accidents involving trucks on the road.

Truck accidents fall under a different category than car accidents for a few reasons:

  • Commercial trucks are significantly larger than passenger vehicles. Even small accidents can injure those involved.
  • Commercial trucks are driven by professional drivers. Professional drivers are held to a higher standard of care than average passenger vehicle drivers.
  • Truck drivers are often affiliated with third parties. In these cases, liability may fall on the shoulders of the truck driver, the transportation company in charge, or a third party, such as a freight loading company or a truck maintenance firm.

At Rhorer Walker Law Firm, we represent all who are injured in trucking accidents, including truckers and passenger vehicle drivers/passengers. If we accept your case, we will use state and federal laws and all of the resources at our disposal to protect your right to compensation.

Causes of Truck Accidents

While truck drivers are often at fault for accidents, many factors play a role in causing these collisions. Some of the ones we commonly see include:

  • Driver error
    When professional drivers fail to follow the rules of the road, engage in illegal activities such as speeding, or fail to get enough rest before driving, they can cause injurious and deadly vehicle accidents. A passenger vehicle driver may cause an accident when he or she merges improperly or change lanes without giving a large truck enough room to maneuver.
  • Hazardous conditions
    Under hazardous conditions like severe rain, many truck and passenger vehicle drivers continue to travel at normal speeds. Doing so creates a perfect storm for a dangerous accident. In these cases, we must often determine if the hazard caused the incident or if careless driving behaviors contributed to it.
  • Defective parts/products
    Truck drivers and trucking companies must maintain their vehicles within certain industry guidelines. However, they cannot do much if a part malfunctions on the roadways. Many deadly and injurious accidents occur when parts fly off of trucks in motion. A truck driver may not have any knowledge of the incident.
  • Unsafe trucking company policies
    Trucking companies must balance the safety of drivers with high expectations for expedient deliveries. When truck drivers do not receive adequate training or they do receive incentives for engaging in unsafe driving behaviors, accidents happen.

After a trucking accident, take the same actions that you would after any car accident. Call the authorities, exchange information with other drivers/witnesses, and seek medical attention. However, we highly recommend seeking legal counsel as soon as possible. Do not wait or assume that your case is straightforward. Trucking companies involved in accidents and their insurers will start building a defense quickly after an accident.

Experience Matters

At Rhorer Walker Law Firm, our experienced attorneys understand the trucking industry and the state laws that govern vehicles traveling on public roadways. We aggressively pursue cases against those liable for injurious trucking accidents. Drivers and companies who do not put safety first deserve to face the consequences of their actions. Those who are injured may never fully recover from a serious trucking accident. Trust us to provide you with valuable information about the fairness of a settlement and the steps to take after your incident.

If you or a loved one is injured or killed in a trucking accident, contact Rhorer Walker Law Firm for a free consultation.