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Car Accidents

Car accidents can be a confusing and traumatic experience – especially if the collision was caused by someone who was speeding, texting, or otherwise impaired. More often than not, a car accident is highly preventable. After an accident occurs, you may have many questions about Louisiana laws, medical care, and insurance. At Rhorer Walker Law Firm, our experienced  lawyers have the answers you need to focus on healing after your injury.

Yearly Car Accident Statistics

Car accident statistics across the entire U.S. have increased dramatically over the last 5 years. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there were more than 38,000 fatalities on America’s roadways in 2020, averaging about 106 deaths each day. As distraction, negligence, and impaired drivers have been key factors in these numbers, traffic congestion has also contributed significantly.

In addition to traffic congestion greatly impacting the Baton Rouge car accident rate, it is also costing the region a fortune. What would typically be a 30-minute drive, can take nearly an hour and a half in Baton Rouge during the peak traffic hours. The added cost of wasted time, productivity and fuel, adds up to more than $600 million per year. The Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance is currently in the process of addressing the city’s transportation crisis in hopes of developing and funding a long-term solution to relieve congestion issues and improve transportation infrastructure.

Dangerous Highways in Louisiana

The communications director for Driving Louisiana Forward, has referred to the eastern stretch of the I-12 coming out of Baton Rouge as one of the “deadliest” roads in Louisiana due to the narrowing of 6 lanes to 4 – causing many fatal car accidents. The same stretch of road has also made the top ten list of most dangerous highways in America. Although it is more likely to get into a car accident on a roadway than an interstate or highway – a highway collision at 75MPH has a much higher chance for severe or life altering injuries.

What to Do After a Car Wreck in Louisiana

Knowing what to do in the event of an accident will help you protect your rights. Under Louisiana law, you must stay at the scene of the accident and move to the shoulder of the road out of the way of traffic, if possible. Call 911 if anyone is hurt. Go to the hospital or your primary care doctor for an evaluation immediately after the event. Some injuries may not manifest until days or weeks later.

At the scene, exchange information with the other drivers involved. Avoid speculating about fault when you speak to anyone, including officers or your insurance provider. Accidents happen quickly, and you may not always understand the full cause of the incident until after an investigation.

Reach out to Rhorer Walker Law Firm as soon as possible if you have any questions about the legal process. Initial consultations are always free with us, and that discussion may help you choose the best course of action. Since the statute of limitations is one year in most car accident cases, reaching out for advice quickly protects your ability to file a claim.

Building a Car Accident Case

When you contact our team, we will begin with a free case evaluation. One of our attorneys will walk through the facts of your case with you and determine the best course of action. If we believe you have a strong personal injury case, we will start working on your case immediately. Lawyers at our firm have access to the necessary resources and technology to investigate and secure evidence and uncover all liable parties.

We represent our car accident clients against uninsured and underinsured drivers, hit and run accidents, and insurance companies. Count on our car accident attorneys to explore every aspect of your case thoroughly and efficiently. You deserve the opportunity to focus on healing instead of worrying about the future.

Types of Car Accidents and Injuries

Our accident attorneys at Rhorer Walker Law Firm handle all types of collisions and resulting injuries. One of the first pieces of evidence we evaluate is the cause of an accident. Negligent driving behaviors are also often illegal activities such as speeding, driving under the influence, or texting. In addition to these factors, we have seen cases that arise from third party liabilities, such as defective auto parts or preventable hazards created by roadway construction or maintenance. Some of the most serious injuries arise from vehicles driving the wrong way in a lane, head-on collisions, T-bone accidents, and rollovers. Our firm works on cases involving serious injuries including:

If your loved one died in a car accident, we will pursue a case on behalf of the family. A wrongful death claim can help families pay for the costs associated with death, loss of companionship, and other economic and non-economic damages.

Car Accident FAQ

What to do immediately following an auto accident?

  • Call the police immediately to report the accident. In addition to exchanging contact and insurance information with the other driver, give the police the most detailed description of what happened. Avoid apologizing to the other driver – as doing so admits fault.

How soon following an accident should I file a lawsuit? 

  • Louisiana is a “fault” car insurance state, meaning you have the right to file a lawsuit against the driver at-fault. Each insurance policy has a different deadline so it is best to go over your policy and file a claim as soon as possible.

I have a claim but I am partly at fault for the car accident, what should I do? 

  • It’s best to tell your attorney 100% of the facts and details regarding your case. If there are facts working against you, it’s best if your attorney knows about them in advanced. Louisiana also has what is called “comparative fault” – meaning if a person has been injured in a car accident, he/she cannot recover damages from the other party if they are 51% or more responsible for the accident.

What type of compensation am I entitled to after my car wreck?

  • Following a car accident you can file a claim to receive compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss or damage of property, lost wages due to time off work, medical bills and loss of enjoyment (such as hobbies/exercising).

What can I do to help my accident case?

  • Seek medical attention immediately following the accident. Although you might not feel any pain after your accident, injuries may not appear until days or weeks after the crash occurs.
  • Take pictures of your injuries – evidence is valuable in personal injury claims.
  • Keeps notes and documentation of any doctor visits, chiropractors, therapists or other medical professionals you see in regards to injuries following your accident.

Important questions to ask your attorney

Can I expect to receive compensation?

  • If you give your lawyer 100% of the facts regarding your accident, he/she should be able to let you know if you are eligible for compensation as well as an estimated number. Your compensation is based off necessary medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, cost of damage and emotional distress.

How will my attorney represent my case?

  • It’s important to know every detail and step that your attorney will take in your case. You will likely spend a lot of time with your attorney so you want to establish a good partnership. At Rhorer Walker Law Firm we strongly believe that communication with our clients is highly important. We are committed to keeping our clients informed from beginning to the end of their case.

What do you need from me?

  • This is one of the most important questions you can ask your attorney. Provide proof of pain or medical documents. It’s important to be 100% prepared going into your trial.

How much will your team do in regards to representing me with my insurance company?

  • It’s important to know what your lawyer will or will not take care of when it comes to negotiating with the insurance company. Some insurance companies can take advantage of you and not provide the necessary compensation. Having an experienced attorney on your side will be highly beneficial.

Experience Matters

The experienced legal team at Rhorer Walker Law Firm represents those who have been severely injured due to someone else’s negligence in Louisiana. We can answer your questions and help guide you through your injury claim. We want to serve as your compassionate legal advocates throughout your case and ensure you have the financial means you need. To learn more about your legal options following a car accident, call our office for questions or a free case consultation.