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Defective Products

When you purchase a product, you expect it to live up to reasonable safety and quality standards. For instance, a microwave should not emit sparks during regular use. A hoverboard toy should not explode. A vehicle’s airbags should not release dangerous projectiles when they deploy. If a product fails to meet industry standards and you suffer an injury, you have a right to file a product liability claim against the product manufacturer, designer, or distributor. At Rhorer Walker Law Firm, our attorneys are committed to helping anyone who suffers an injury while using a defective product.

We have the experience and resources you need to file a claim against small and large manufacturing facilities and enact real change in the industry. Filing your claim can help you recover compensation, but it may also prevent other consumers from experiencing the same injury or defect.

Types of Defective Products Cases

Defective products cases cover any commercial products sold on the open market. Our firm handles all defective products cases, including those involving:

  • Defective medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs
  • Industrial equipment
  • Construction supplies
  • Vehicles and parts
  • Consumer products
  • Dangerous foods

Rhorer Walker Law Firm is made up of a team of experienced attorneys who have practiced personal injury law in the area for years. We are prepared to take action against manufacturers who release defective products into the market, and we tirelessly pursue these cases to secure the maximum recovery for our clients who suffer injuries, including burn injuries, brain injuries, lacerations, and broken bones.

The Louisiana Product Liability Act

Under the Louisiana Product Liability Act, product manufacturers are liable for product-related injuries if a product is unreasonably dangerous due to:

  • A faulty design
  • Faulty manufacturing
  • An inadequate warning
  • The manufacturer’s failure to comply with the express warranty

To file a product liability suit, an injured individual must demonstrate that he or she was using the product as directed. In other words, you cannot use a microwave for science experiments using metal components and hold the manufacturer liable for injuries relating to sparks or an explosion.

Steps to Take After a Defective Product Injury

After a product starts to malfunction, some consumers throw it away or tinker with it. Doing so is not advisable and may hurt your ability to pursue a claim later. Instead, unplug any electronic devices, remove batteries from battery operated devices, and store the defective product in a safe place until you are able to move forward with your claim.

Always seek medical attention for injuries resulting from a defective product, and maintain current records of any medical treatments. When you start a search for a product liability attorney, avoid relying on online descriptions and advertisements. Instead, speak with attorneys in your area. At Rhorer Walker Law Firm, our lawyers are always available to speak with prospective clients about their defective products cases.

Recovering Damages for Product Liability Cases

Plaintiffs in products liability cases have the ability to secure compensation to cover the costs of past, current, and future medical expenses, income, and pain and suffering. If someone died because of a defective product, our firm can file a wrongful death claim on behalf of survivors to secure compensation for funeral costs, medical expenses, and the loss of support, love, and companionship.

At Rhorer Walker Law Firm, we start every case with a thorough analysis of the facts and an independent investigation. We will determine the source of the product defect and look for other consumer experiences with the defect. For questions regarding a defective products claim, contact our office. We will help you understand how the law applies in your situation and if moving forward with a claim makes sense.